The Sky Myofascial Release, PT & Wellness Difference

Sky Myofascial Release, PT & Wellness is a practice that is a model for how healthcare will be delivered universally in the future. This model is based on looking for causes that have lead to the current conditions versus the traditional western medicine and physical therapy approach of coming up with a diagnosis and placing the emphasis of treatment on silencing the symptoms.

Everything that we experience as human beings goes into whether we are expressing health or illness. Our physical bodies are not only responding to what we do with them physically but also responding to the food we eat, thoughts we think, how well we sleep and how we relate to others.

We are unique in how we think, feel, act, in how we were raised, in the genes we inherited and the lifestyles which determine how they are expressed. Therefore the approach at Sky is one that takes all of those factors into account when assisting clients in returning to or maintaining optimal health.

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“I write to thank you for my prescription for physical therapy and to let you know I’m essentially pain free. These guys are truly the best!”
– James G.

“If not for you I would still be limping along and in pain. You are by far the very best and I feel so lucky to have had you to work with me through my recovery. Aside from being so nice and so much fun to work with, you have a great talent for your profession. I am most grateful for the special attention and outstanding care you gave me. Thank you for putting me back on my feet! I wish you all the very best.”
– Sally W.

“You guys are great and I am constantly singing your praises. I have no hesitation in recommending you to others.”
– Janice D.

“Just wanted to say thank you sooooo much for getting my back, back to normal. It is such a relief to be able to move around again and I have you to thank.”
– Christine D.

“You have made what was a terrible accident and experience into an enjoyable and successful road to recovery. Over the months of my therapy, I have actually come to enjoy (as much as anyone can possibly enjoy exercise and therapy) coming to see you and the crew. I have learned what a friendly and concerned person you are and very much appreciate the personal interest you have taken in me. I feel as though I am 100% better than when I started, and I attribute it to you.”
– Frederic L.